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Laurane Simon
Real Estate Agent at Laurane Simon at Simon Sells ?
Pembroke Pines, FL
Agent License # 3315241 (FL)
About Laurane
A LITTLE ABOUT ME AND WHY I LOVE REAL ESTATE While many real estate professionals thrive simply off of selling houses and commercial property, Laurane Simon offers so much more than a home. Laurane Simon, realtor and empowerment coach, offers hope—something that many times, money can’t buy. After being pre-approved for a small loan amount for her first home, Simon soon found herself distraught and denied access by many real estate professionals who didn’t see her approval amount as sufficient for home ownership. However, it was because of the many closed doors—and the one open door, which ultimately led to her home ownership that she found her passion and purpose. In the midst of being thrown into the fast-paced environment of finding a place to call home, her hobby and profession soon became one and the same. After completing real estate courses and the state examination, little did she know that she’d have to put that knowledge to use fairly quickly. One month later, when her corporate work environment became hostile, Simon resigned and ventured into real estate full-time. In addition to her real estate licensure, she holds a bachelor’s degree from Florida Agriculture and Mechanical University (FAMU) as well as a master’s degree in Public Administration from Florida International University. Unlike many real estate professionals, Simon stands out in the industry amongst the competition because she successfully caters to both the natural and spiritual needs of her clientele. As an ordained pastor, she uses her gift of execution and service to usher buyers into the next dimension of their lives, offering them hope and healing in the form of a home and so much more. Known by many as an enhancement coach, she teaches women worldwide who may feel stuck to soar to higher heights, in whatever they endeavor to accomplish. Serving as the president and founder of One Hand, One Heart, Simon hosts an annual women’s empowerment seminar to catapult women to their God-given destiny and purpose based on the belief that it takes one hand, to touch one heart, to change the course of an individual’s life for the better. In her debut book, It’s Okay to Be Single, she encourages singles to see that being single is much more of a blessing than a curse, as many in the world portray it to be. But let’s be clear. Her ministry, her service, spans far beyond the four walls of the church. Besides her work with Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Broward County and the Broward Sherrifs Restorative Justice Program, Simon also served with the Dare 2 Care Feeding Program and the Letters to Young Girls Esteem Program. Through her passion and community involvement, she received the Neighborhood Leadership Award from The Miami Coalition, the Rising Star Award from the Urban League of Broward County, Women History Award 2018 awarded by The Vice Mayor of City of Lauderhill, Florida and Top Producer 2018 from The Pearl Realty Group . In both ministry and business, she knows firsthand that solid, quality relationships mean much more than building a database of clientele. Most recently, Ms. Simon has taken a quantum leap of faith and relocated from the sunny South Florida to the magnetic magical city of Birmingham , Alabama.
Service Areas
broward county, daviecooper city, lauderhill, miramar, pembroke pines
Specialties and Designations
Market Center
Keller Williams Realty Partners SW
Laurane Simon at Simon Sells ?
2000 NW 150th Ave., Suite 1100
Pembroke Pines, FL 33028
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